A lot of great news for you as a member

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A lot of great news for you as a member

Hi rocker!

 Here is an update for you as our member.

Free drink this Friday?
We are very looking forward to upcoming Friday, then we play in Markant Uden! Some of you will be there, that's great! If you are an (Extra) Large member, don't forget you can ask us for a free beer/soda! When you do, we'll try to get you a drink from the backstage. If that's not possible (this Corona-thing makes it maybe a little more difficult), then we will buy you a drink at the front bar. But: you have to ask us if you want it! We will not think about it ourselves haha. 

First to see the new music video online
During this gig we'll release our new music video for Band Not A Brand! If you've send in video, then you are in it of course! And Extra Large members are also mentioned in the credits. On Saturday we are proud that the big Rock Hard magazine from Germany will release the video as a première on their platform. And stay tuned, because a few hours BEFORE that we will send you an email with the video already, so you are then the first to watch it online. On Sunday we will release the video on our public channels. 

Next week: start tickets November 1st + lottery
Next week we have also some cool things for you as a member. On Wednesday we give you the opportunity to buy tickets for our special and limited member meeting at POPEI Eindhoven. We will give you 1 week in advance before all the other people, because we can only give access to 20-25 people.

On Friday we will start a new lottery for a vinyl test pressing of a Ghost Highway (label) compilation we're on. Large members will get 1 free lottery ticket, Extra Large members will get 2 free lottery tickets. And if you want to have a bigger chance of winning, then you can use the september discount code on the blog for buying extra tickets with discount (Large: 15%, Extra Large: 20%). 

Thank you
Hope you all saw the video shout out on our social media, and if not, stay tuned for tomorrow, then we will thank the 2 newest members. 

I guess that's all for now. 



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    Tot straks Mark!

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    Yeah tot morgen!

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