Member update!

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Member update!

Hi members,

 We are so happy with you all as our members! So here is a quick update.

We have some new discount codes for you, for December. Check them in the seperate blog-posts to use your 10%, 15% or 20% discount code!

Later this week we will share with you the next monthly vlog, from April and May. We think it turned out every funny again, haha! A look behind the scenes of the first 2 lockdown months. 

Later this month we will share with you also the Blondie cover we got the most votes for! 

And write down December 20th 20:00 h Dutch time on your calendar. We are planning to do a special Zoom meeting then! Of course like promised Extra Large members can participate it for free. We maybe will also let people pay tickets for it and Medium and Large members will get then 10% and 15% discount. We will let you know more later, but make sure to mark it in your agenda.




  • Mirjam - The Dirty Denims

    Hi Bill,

    Haha yes that would be so awesome! Choosing a time is very difficult because we have members in USA and Australia. Yes bring Breakfast Beers indeed! ;)

    Cheers Mirjam

  • Bill The Kangaroo

    A zoom meeting you say? at 6am in the morning (my time).
    I best set my alarm an hour earlier to make sure I have my hair done & looking my best.
    Cant wait, should be a hoot!
    What do I need to bring? Breakfast Beers?

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