Win tickets for our gig in Uden (NL) 25-09-20

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Win tickets for our gig in Uden (NL) 25-09-20

Hi rocker!

 You as an Extra Large member are one the first to have a chance to win tickets for our gigs. So here is the first one!

Friday September 25th we play in a theater! It's Markant in Uden (NL) and we will do some special thing over there. It's the offical music video release party of the new video for Band Not A Brand, and we will do some songs acoustic too. 

We can give away 2 x 2 tickets.

Do you wanna win tickets? Let us know in a comment below, befóre tomorrow (Friday September 18th) 17.00 h. If there are more people who want to win than we have tickets, we will do a raffle. If after that some tickets are left then we will do a public raffle for all our followers. 

Maybe you already have tickets, but want to win extra tickets to be like Oprah: give them away to other people so they can have a cool rockshow experience too. 

So: let us know below. Cheers!
The Dirty Denims


  • Mirjam - The Dirty Denims

    Congratulations Mark and Ralph, you both won 2 tickets! (2×2) We will contact you. Cheers, The Dirty Denims


    Hell Yeah of course i like to win tickets!

  • Ralph

    Initially I wasn’t planning on coming but ofcourse if I win I’ll jump in the car and come join the party.

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