Back With A Bang! (vinyl)

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Perfect for Happy Hardrock AND vinyl lovers!

  • High quality, RED vinyl
  • Full colour artwork including lyricsheet
  • 11 original songs + 1 Joan Jett cover
  • Including favorites like 'Make Us Look Good' ("What?! No pictures of the drummer?!"), 'Back With A Bang!' and live banger 'Loud Stuff'.


Side A

1. Back With A Bang!
2. Heartbeat
3. Money Back Guarantee
4. Don't Waste My Time
5. Make Us Look Good
6. Can't Get Enough of Rock & Roll

    Side B

    1. Virtual Reality
    2. One Way Ticket (the hell outta here)
    3. Bad Reputation
    4. Loud Stuff
    5. Gotta Run
    6. We Want More