Demo video new song Better Believe It

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Demo video new song Better Believe It

Hi rockers!

 Whohooo! You are the very first hearing our brand new song Better Believe It. We share with you a demo video of it, recorded during the rehearsal October 18th. It has concept lyrics, we changed them quite a bit in the days before the studio. But now you can hear how songs of ours are changing from demo to final!

So, in the meantime we've recorded the song in the studio and we got the mixes already... it sounds AWESOME! But that's something we will share with you later. 

Watch the demo here:

Hope you like it!


The Dirty Denims


  • Mirjam - The Dirty Denims

    Thank you Mark, and see you Sunday!

  • mark oosterwijk

    Better Believe It
    Sounds great.
    Hell Yeah!

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