Full interview with Suzanne and Mirjam

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Full interview with Suzanne and Mirjam

Hi XL members!

 October 9th Suzanne and Mirjam visited the radio studio of ZuidWest FM (Bergen op Zoom - NL) to have a 'The Dirty Denims special'  in the T-on Air radioshow with interviews, songs etc. 

We installed a camera too (for XL members only) and we've made an edit so you now have a 45 minute interview with Suzanne and Mirjam, even some 'behind the scenes' bits when they were talking during the songs on the radio. Let us know below if you hear some new information, we think you will!

We are so sorry but the interview is in Dutch only. It isn't possible for us to make a subtitle for 45 minutes of talking in a fast and/or cheap/free way. But please: if you know a way for us to translate this Dutch interview to English, let us know! Of course we want our not-NL members also to enjoy it and this feature will come in handy in the future too.


The Dirty Denims


  • Mirjam - The Dirty Denims

    Haha goed verhaal Hans, goed gedaan! ;)

  • Hansie

    Geinig interview. Vooral het verhaal van “Band not a brand”. Vroeg een collega laatst of ik de Ramones wel kende (ik had dus een Ramones shirt aan). Heb ik maar de gevraagd of ze The Kids kende, de Belgische Ramones. Toen bleef het stil.

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