Patch Lightning (8x10cm)

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Beautiful patch with great details, logo designed by Jeroen and profesionalised by Jan Meininghaus. The size is 8 x 10 cm.


1 - Make sure the glue -side of the patch is clean.

2 - Use temperature 190 - 200 degrees celcius. The max temperature depends also on the clothing you are ironing on.

3 - Don't use the steam function on the iron.

4 - Place the patch on the right place, put a thin coton white cloth (handkerchief, bed sheet, pillow cover, not with colors only white) on it, and then put the iron on it for 30 - 40 seconds. After that, when possible, iron on the backside for 20 seconds.

5 - When you think it's needed you can stick it on some places too, to be sure.

After that, you are ready to rock, hell yeah!