The Dirty Denims MEMBERSHIPS - OUD

4 euro p/m

8 euro p/m

12 euro p/m

2 weeks early access new songs 3 weeks early access new songs 4 weeks early access new songs
2 days early access new & limited merch 3 days early access new & limited merch 4 days early access new & limited merch
Nr 3 in row for winning free concert tickets Nr 2 in row for winning free concert tickets Nr 1 in row for winning free concert tickets
10% discount on webshop
(incl. lottery tickets)
15% discount on webshop 
(incl. lottery tickets)
20% discount on webshop 
(incl. lottery tickets)
1 free lottery ticket with every lottery 2 free lottery tickets with every lottery




Exclusive access monthly vlog Access inner cicle live streams Access inner circle Zoom meetings
Exclusive access monthly cover video If we meet on our gigs and you can prove you're a '(extra) large' member, we will get you a free (backstage) beer/soda Full set video downloads of most of our gigs whenever it's possible to film
Access inner circle blog Voting power covers You'll get downloads of all our new releases for however long you remain member (in mp3 ánd wav)
Bonus material whenever inspiration strikes Voting power new merchandise Name in credits of all our videos as long as you remain member
Public video shout out at social media
Nr 1 access special limited offline member meetings
Birthday Messenger call by one (or more) of the members
At every gig you fysically attend you'll have the power to tell us which The Dirty Denims song definitely needs to be on the setlist (let us know max 2 weeks in advance)